The Employment Relations and Organisational Behaviour Group is part of LSE’s Department of Management and is one of the foremost centres in the world for the study of employment relations, human resource management and organisational behaviour.

It brings together a group of scholars who are all leading authorities in their chosen areas of specialisation.

We have a high percentage of postgraduates and combine strong research output with high standards of teaching. Our courses are informed by the latest advances in the field, and reflect our multidisciplinary and international orientation.


The subjects studied in the EROB Group examine how organisations manage people, as well as the wider social and economic context in which they operate. It has a triple emphasis :

  • Human resource management focuses on how organisations develop and motivate their employees to achieve the high standards of performance required in today’s competitive markets.
  • Employment relations explores the wider relations between employer and employee organisations, and the structure of labour markets.
  • Organisational behaviour examines individual perceptions, attitudes, behaviour and performance and the effects of group and organisational context on the individual.